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Google Shopping Ads Plan

Shopping Ads

 Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Ad Features

Ad Features

- High visibility compared to standard search ads

- Update automatically 

based on your product availability / price change.

Ad Features

- Highly personalized retargeting ads based on user behavior 

- Save abandon cart and increase order recovery %

Google Adwords 

Increase your audience reach with just few clicks!

Brand new form of Google Ads to help boost your website traffic, get seen by your target audience the moment they are searching for the things you offer. Google Shopping Ads are now active in 23 countries, contributing to a total of $1 billion revenue online sales! SHOPLINE users can easily put the world's most powerful channels to full use with just a few simple clicks.

- Place ads without manually setting up keywords

- High relevancy between keywords and ad content

More than just standard search ads, Google shopping ads show users a photo of your product, title, price, store name, and more. Easily attract more eyeballs and potential customers to your site, drives traffic to your site and raise brand awareness.

Automatically update and create ads based on your website's information, Google to dynamically match which page to appear on which search query results. Capturing traffic that you might likely missed before.  

Automatically create ads to those who browsed your products or added your products to the shopping cart but have not checked out. The ads can be dynamically matched to product level. Helping you to catch missed customers and save missed purchases.

SHOPLINE helps you set up everything it needs to get your google ads up and running! From setting up product feeds to optimizing ad performances and manage bids. SHOPLINE users will also be able to see ad performance dashboard right on the backend. 

Advertising plan starts from HKD$3,500

HKD $3,500

 Starter Plan

For business starters, increase your brand awareness and get more traffic to your online shop! Starts with Google Shopping Ads strategy, begin your online shop business here!

96,000 - 145,000

Estimated Impression


HKD $5,800

Growth Plan

For up and rising brands, who are ready to get your brand and products shown to more potential customers. Capture quality traffic and conversions.

165,000 - 252,000

Estimated Impression


HKD $11,800

 Master Plan

For mature brands who needs to increase conversion rate and maximize advertising ROI. Maintain brand noise and drive visibility. Stay on the top of the league!

350,000 - 530,000

Estimated Impression


HKD $32,900

Prime Plan

Best for merchants who have certain knowledge about Google Ads, to consolidate your brand and boost your sales to another level.

1,600,000 - 2,300,000

Estimated Impression


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